We’re living in an age where technology and comfort blend seamlessly into our lifestyles. One of the latest trends hitting the furniture market is beds with built-in TVs. It’s more than just a luxurious addition; it’s about redefining comfort and convenience. There are however a few things you ought to consider before dropping your hard earned on a high-tech television bed combo.

Key Considerations Before Buying

Considering beds with built-in TVs? There’s a whole range of factors to keep in mind. This innovation turns simple furniture into a hub of entertainment, so here are some essential considerations in the purchase decision process.

Space and Size

Space plays a vital role in determining whether a bed with a built-in TV is a viable choice. Measure the room’s dimensions, focusing on the available space. For instance, smaller rooms might benefit from a double TV bed, while more spacious rooms could accommodate a king-sized one.

Type of TV and Mechanism

Beds usually come with either a mechanized or manual TV lift. Mechanized lifts have the advantage of convenience, raising and lowering the TV at the press of a button. Manual lifts require physical effort to operate. In choosing the type of TV, consider factors such as screen size, resolution, and brand.

Connectivity and Technology

Check whether the TV bed boasts wireless technology, USB ports, or HDMI inputs. These connectivity options provide convenience and tech-savviness, allowing you to connect devices such as gaming consoles, laptops, or even speakers directly to your bed.

Comfort and Design

Bedrooms exemplify private spaces, demanding a personal taste in design. Ensure the bed’s material, shape, and style align with your room’s decor and your comfort requirements. Different materials like leather or fabric offer varied textures and looks, while the design elements like the headboard and bed frame can add to the overall charm of your bedroom.

Sound System Integration

Some TV beds integrate sound systems for a complete entertainment experience. Consider whether you’d like a model with built-in speakers, or if you’d prefer to use your home theatre system.

Warranty and Support

Reliable customer support and warranty terms can offer reassurance when purchasing a bed with a built-in TV. Companies typically furnish warranty details for both the bed frame and the TV, which we recommend checking before finalizing the purchase.

Price and Budget

Beds with built-in TVs represent a significant investment, so examine your budget carefully. Balancing the price against other factors such as size, design, and features ensures that you get a product that offers value for money. Remember, it isn’t just about buying a bed, it’s about adding a piece of technology-enhanced furniture that enhances your lifestyle.

Installation and Setup

Moving beyond the purchase considerations, let’s come to the integral part – installation and setup. Unpacking your new bed, you’ll find a pre-installed television. Here are some steps for easy setup:

  1. Positioning the Bed: Find the perfect spot that caters to an optimal viewing experience and meets room aesthetics.
  2. Connecting Power Supply: Connect your TV to an electrical outlet with the provided cord, ensuring you’re mindful of cord safety.
  3. Setting Up Connectivity: Many of these beds have Wi-Fi support. Get it connected to your home network, if available.
  4. TV Adjustment: Adjust brightness, contrast, and other settings on your TV to suit your comfort level.
  5. Tutorial Run: Give the user manual a thorough read. It contains instructions for using the TV and retracting it back in.

Maintenance and Care

Investing in beds with integrated TVs calls for understanding maintenance and care procedures. Ensuring longevity and top-notch performance of these beds, depends on routine maintenance.

  • Firstly, cleanliness holds paramount importance. Regular dusting of the bed and TV helps prevent particles from settling on the unit. A microfiber cloth captured minute dust particles without scratching surfaces.
  • Secondly, conducting routine inspection of moving parts protects against potential damages. Check the TV lift mechanism, and inspect the motor and the actuation system ensuring smooth function.
  • Thirdly, adhering to appropriate power supply is key. Avoid overloading power circuits is key, preventing electrical hazards. Incorporating power surge protectors adds an additional layer of safety.
  • Lastly, scheduled professional servicings ensure comprehensive care. A professional can spot minor issues before they exacerbate, reducing the risk of costly repairs.

Where to buy a bed with built in TV

If you’ve decided that this is definitely what you want then these are best places to go to buy a bed with a built in TV. We’ve got mainstream options, a super high-end option and another for the gamers who like to lie down!

A great range of beds with TV Lifts

Wildwood TV Lift Furniture offers a selection of TV beds that combine functionality with style. Options like the Hartford, Soho, Cape Cod, and Hudson TV Beds start from $2,999 and come in various sizes and colors. Each bed features a 360º swiveling TV lift, customizable wood finishes, and is made in the USA. For more details, visit Wildwood TV Lift Furniture.

Wildwood TV Bed

High-end designer bed with a TV lift

Modern Furnishings presents the Melrose TV Lift Bed, a sleek and contemporary option starting at $8,990. This bed is notable for its low profile, headboard that doubles as a TV lift mechanism, and customizable fabrics and leathers. It’s designed for those who appreciate modern aesthetics and the convenience of hiding the TV when not in use. Explore more at Modern Furnishings.

Melrose TV Bed

Gamer-Oriented Options

X Rocker Gaming caters to the gaming community with beds designed to enhance the gaming experience. The Basecamp Gaming Bed with TV Mount is available in twin and full sizes, starting at $249.99. For those needing more, the Battle Den Gaming Bunk Bed and the Contra Mid-Sleeper Gaming Bed with TV Mount offer innovative solutions for gamers. Check out the full range at X Rocker Gaming.

X Rocker Gaming Bed

Alternatives to beds with built in TVs

A fair question to ask before you buy a bed with a built-in tv is whether there are cheaper and/or more flexible options. Depending on your bedroom set up or specific requirements, there may well be. Have you considered any of the following options?

Wall-Mounted TVs

  • Pros: Maximizes space; customizable height for optimal viewing; wide selection of mounts for different angles.
  • Cons: Installation requires tools and some DIY skills; cables may be visible if not managed properly.


  • Pros: Large screen size from a compact device; adjustable screen size; portable and can be used in different rooms.
  • Cons: Requires dark room for best quality; additional screen may be necessary for optimal viewing.

TV Stands and Media Consoles

  • Pros: Offers additional storage; easy to set up and move; variety of designs to match decor.
  • Cons: Takes up floor space; screen height not as adjustable as wall mounts.

Ceiling-Mounted TVs

  • Pros: Saves space; unique viewing experience; can retract when not in use.
  • Cons: Professional installation often required; not suitable for all ceiling types.

Buy a TV lift and build your own TV enclosure

When most people think of a bed with a built-in TV they imagine the TV that lifts up and out of the foot of the bed, and there are some great examples of this above. But you know, you can buy a TV lift mechanism very easily so if you are into a little DIY you could build your own enclosure to go at the foot of your bed!

  • Pros: Almost certainly cheaper, and if you build the encloser separately then you can use it with any bed.
  • Cons: You gotta do it yourself. This means fixing it if it breaks. And unless you are very handy it might not look as well finished as a commercially made one.

For those considering these alternatives, reputable sources such as Consumer Reports (consumerreports.org) offer guides on choosing the right TV and mounting options. Additionally, organizations like the Consumer Technology Association (cta.tech) provide insights into the latest in home entertainment technology, ensuring decisions are informed by the most current data available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the TV mechanism work?

Beds with built-in TVs typically use a motorized lift system that allows the TV to retract into the footboard or rise for viewing with the push of a button.

What size TV fits in the bed?

The size of the TV that can be accommodated depends on the specific bed model. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications for maximum TV size compatibility.

Can I connect my devices to the built-in TV?

Yes, most built-in TVs have connectivity options such as HDMI, USB, and sometimes wireless connections like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect various devices.

Is the TV included with the bed?

This varies by manufacturer. Some beds come with a TV included, while others require you to purchase the TV separately.

Can I upgrade the TV in the future?

Many beds are designed with a standard TV mount that can accommodate different TVs, making upgrades possible as long as the new TV fits within the size and weight limits.

What happens if the TV or lift mechanism breaks?

Look for beds that come with a warranty covering the lift mechanism and other components. Always check the warranty details before purchasing.

How do I install the TV into the bed?

Installation instructions should be provided with the bed. Some manufacturers offer professional installation services at an additional cost.

Are there different styles and designs of beds with built-in TVs?

Yes, these beds come in a variety of styles, materials, and finishes to match different bedroom decors.

How much do beds with built-in TVs cost?

Prices vary widely based on size, materials, design, and whether a TV is included. It’s advisable to set a budget and compare options within that range. Prices start from $300 (without the TV) and go all the way up to $10,000 plus.

Where can I buy a bed with a built-in TV?

These beds can be purchased from furniture stores, online retailers, and directly from manufacturers specializing in multimedia furniture.

Is it difficult to maintain a bed with a built-in TV?

Maintenance is generally straightforward, involving regular dusting and ensuring the mechanical components are kept clean. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific care instructions.

Can the bed be moved easily once installed?

Beds with built-in TVs are heavier and more complex than standard beds, making them more challenging to move. Consider this if you plan to relocate the bed in the future.